InfraGard of the National Capital Region, also known as InfraGardNCR, seeks to share information, educate our members, and promote the best practices of critical infrastructure protection. Organized along the 16 critical infrastructures identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, we coordinate monthly meetings on a broad spectrum of infrastructure-related issues and topics to develop the relationships and communication pathways necessary to thwart an attack against our region's critical infrastructure. Most meetings are open to the public, but there are some sessions that are restricted to members only.


In addition to monthly meetings, the chapter has special events including tours of the FBI Academy and new member/networking sessions, as well as participates and/or supports a number of other programs and events throughout the year.

InfraGardNCR serves as a critical link that connects owners and operators with the entities that strive to protect their assets. It is a basic tenet of InfraGard that the more people sharing information about physical and cyber threats and vulnerabilities, as well as best security practices, the greater our chances of thwarting an attack and securing our Nation.

LEARN More about us HERE and if you are engaged with critical infrastructure protection, join InfraGardNCR here.