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NCISRM Partnership Program 

InfraGardNCR has partnered with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, National Protection & Programs Directorate, Office of Infrastructure Protection to raise awareness and forward National Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month.  InfraGardNCR is a partnership with the FBI for the public and private sector to share information to protect our nation’s critical infrastructure.  During November, we invite you to join us to raise awareness among your constituencies and bring together our critical infrastructure sector leaders, key critical infrastructure protection organizations, and relevant federal partners to discuss, educate, and reinforce the partnership and education necessary to support a vigilant network of critical infrastructure professionals.  This awareness month is the ideal time to reinforce and build our community.


The mission of the NCISRM effort is to bring numerous and diverse public and private sector organizations and people together to share information, build relationships, discuss best practices, and highlight the practical and tactical resources needed to prepare, respond, and mitigate an attack on critical infrastructure. 


 PARTNERS in NCISRM commit to:

  • One planning meeting

  • Visibility/logo on the NCISRM website 

  • Recognizing NCISRM with their constituents during November

  • Contributing their constituent needs to the live event agenda and to the campaigns all year

  • Contribute speakers and content if appropriate and desired

Questions?  Need more information?  Please contact Kristina Tanasichuk, President, InfraGardNCR for more details.  Thank you for your consideration and commitment to the nation’s critical infrastructure – we hope you will join us to build our community!


Learn more about InfraGardNCR at  

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