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NCISRM 2017 Weekly Theme Resources


Week 1: Public Sector Support to Hometown Security

Tools and Resources to Help Plan, Protect, and Prepare for an Attack

Week 2: Private-Public Collaboration: Critical Lifelines and Cascading Risk 

DHS Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN)

Week 3: Cyber Risk in Critical Infrastructure 

5 Ways to Increase Infrastructure Security and Resilience Through Action by Andrea Stone

Physical Attacks:

DHS Active Shooter Response Packet


TISP Regional Disaster Resilience Guide

Enhanced Critical Infrastructure Protection with Protective Security Advisors

The Enhanced Critical Infrastructure Protection (ECIP) visit, conducted by Protective Security Advisors (PSAs) with critical infrastructure facility representatives: establishes and enhances the DHS relationship with critical infrastructure owners and operators, informs them of the importance of their facility, explains how their facility or service fits into its specific critical infrastructure sector, provides an overview of the Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) resources available to the facility to enhance security and resilience, reinforces the need for continued vigilance.

Infrastructure Visualization Platform

 This tool is a multiplatform software tool that blends a 360-degree geo-spherical video with geospatial and hypermedia data of facilities, surrounding areas, travel routes, and other areas of interest to create an interactive video guide of a selected location.

Lessons and Needs for Improving Critical Infrastructure's Resilience


Cyber Attacks:

General Awareness: 

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