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the protection of our critical infrastructure is everyone's responsibility


As the attack vectors against our nation's critical infrastructure have expanded, so has the responsibility of each of us to consider our role in protecting the nation.  From cyber to physical threats, each of us now must prepare and take action to prevent breaches that can result in loss of life, property, assets and much more.

The mission of NCISRM is to bring critical infrastructure stakeholders from the public and private sector together to explore and share best practices to prevent and mitigate the consequences of a major attack on the nation’s critical infrastructure.  Since 2015, a steadfast group of infrastructure stakeholders have joined forces to evolve the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s CIPM  in November as one month devoted to assuring the other eleven months proceed without incident.  In 2015, we focused on the intersection of physical and cyber security; 2016 took an in-depth look at a cyber attack of the energy grid resulting in a major power outage in the United States with cyber and physical security implications; we focused on "Hometown Security" in 2017, addressing public sector support, private-public collaboration, and cyber risk to critical lifelines and the resulting cascading risks.  

Since then, Homeland Security Today has led efforts to foster collaboration around the best practices, innovations, and common sense needed to protect our infrastructure by publishing a series of pieces by true subject matter experts, critical infrastructure owners and operators, and government officials to help everyone understand the threats and vulnerabilities so we can bolster our Preapredness.



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